Introducing Bloom Wellness and Creation

“If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any.”

Diana Korte

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Image: Circle of Women by Arna Baartz

I would like to introduce you to Bloom Wellness and Creation, which has blossomed from a special place in my heart – walking with women and working with birth. I have been facilitating women’s retreats, circles and healing for over 20 years, attending numerous births and walking alongside my friends, family and community in women’s business, pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Blessed with 2 amazing beings, I have now been a parent for a little over a decade and embrace the opportunity to watch my daughter grow into a young women, learning so much more about myself and being a woman and mother along the way. I am a registered accredited Social Worker who has worked in a broad range of organisations within the community sector and more recently education. Bloom has evolved out of my passion for working with women, but now also from my understanding of my own birth experiences and the sharing with other women in theirs – and the realisation of the many complexities that can exist and in turn influence our lives in ways we aren’t prepared for.

I experienced my own birth trauma with my first child and have used this process as a point of connection with others. Through walking birthing journeys with women, I have found that there is a great need for creating spaces for women to gain personal power and reclaim the initiation rite into motherhood. When women claim this power, the instances of relationship breakdown, pre/ post-natal depression and lack of bonding with the child, appears to decrease.

Bloom is about growing, opening, becoming.

Wellness is about meeting holistic needs to create well being.

Creation is about allowing this process to unfold into what we as women can become and be.

The service…

My service Bloom Wellness and Creation aims to support women through life transitions particularly pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother, to gain personal power – this may take place in preparation for a birth or working through a previous birth experience. The sessions are designed to provide up-to-date, current and authentic information on all types of birthing processes, so women can be informed and choose the supports that they feel they want and need.


Bloom Wellness and Creation Touchpoints are the values/ ethics base for the business:

Building Resilience – laying a solid base with strength and flexibility to support outcomes

Becoming Brave – using the foundation to expand and push boundaries in personal learning and challenge beliefs

Igniting Power – allowing power through experience and changing/ adapting experiences

Finding Meaning – discovering what is important, at the centre of the experience

…Creating Holistic Wellness – using the whole process to gain health in all areas of being


I invite anyone that has had an experience that they want to share, unravel, make sense of, to contact me and we can journey together. You are also more than welcome to share this blog or provide this information to women you know or share this post on social media. Bloom Wellness and Creation specialises in Pregnancy, Birthing and Postnatal counselling for women and also offers more general counselling sessions online, via telephone and face-to-face to women going through any kind of life transitions.

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