One-on-one counselling for pregnancy, birth and postnatal journeys.

Fully funded and Medicare rebated counselling to women who need support from 20 weeks pregnant, up until 1 year postnatal, under the Healthy Minds Program and Medicare Benefits Scheme.

My service is mobile and is offered in Nambucca, Bellingen and Coffs Harbour Shires and can take place in a woman’s home, private counselling rooms, an appropriate service, in a local park, or somewhere comfortable and suitable to the women’s needs.

The journey I walk with women supports their holistic wellness throughout pregnancy, birthing and becoming/ being a mum and allows women to find their own power to move through issues as they arise or are identified.

Sessions can cover a wide variety of issues and topics such as:​

  • Physical mechanics of birthing
  • Emotional journey of birthing
  • Spiritual journey of birthing
  • Birth plans
  • Pre natal depression
  • Post natal depression
  • Fears around pregnancy, birthing, postnatal care
  • Termination
  • Support during birth
  • Support after birth
  • Lactation/ Breast feeding
  • Home birth
  • Hospital birth
  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarian)
  • Relationship support
  • Social support networks
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Body movement techniques
  • Birth trauma
  • Still birth
  • Loss of child
  • Finances
  • Living arrangements
  • Grief
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Medical interventions during the birthing process
  • Parenting skills

There are two ways clients can access perinatal counselling services with me in the region:

  1.  Under Medicare’s Non Direct Pregnancy Support Counselling, clients can ask their GP for a referral note (a brief letter addressed on letterhead to me) – no Mental Health Care Plan is necessary.  The client can then contact me to arrange an appointment. Clients will have access to up to 3 sessions per pregnancy or postnatal period, each session is 50 mins in duration. There is a small gap fee for appointments, however bulk billing is available in financial hardship circumstances.
  2.  A number of Health Professionals are able to refer clients under the Healthy Minds program.  With the client’s consent you can fill out the Referral Form and send it to the Primary Health Network by fax on 1300 853 248 or email to  The PHN will then notify me of your referral and I will contact the client.
    Healthy Minds is a free counselling service for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns, and who are experiencing financial hardship.  Eligible people receive 12 counselling sessions, usually 60 mins in duration.  
  • School Pyschologists/ Counsellors
  • School Principals/ Deputy Heads
  • Director of Early Childhood Services
  • Director of Early Intervention Centres
  • GP’s
  • Emergency dept. staff
  • Midwifes
  • Psychiatrists
  • Hospital Ward Discharge Staff
  • Mental Health Nurses/ Practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Paediatricians
  • Obstetricians
  • Child Health Nurses
  • Hospital Acute Mental Health Team
  • Social Workers
  • Case Workers
  • Community Support Organisations
  • Medical Officers in NGO’s